G.E.C A/L Examination 2023 (2024) A new news about the postponement of the A/L exam


The Supreme Court has decided yesterday (27) to allow the respondents including the examination commissioner to file objections regarding the petition filed requesting the postponement of the G.E.C. Advanced level examination to be held next January.

This petition has been filed by three students who are expected to appear in the A-level examination this year and it is reported that this permission was given according to a request made by the Deputy Solicitor General.

Deputy Solicitor General Viveka Siriwardena, who appeared on behalf of the respondent, has requested permission to file limited objections to this petition.

The petitioners say that the relevant syllabuses have not been covered properly and despite this, it has been decided to hold the G.C.E A-level examination from the 4th of January.

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